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Are you chasing too many sales opportunities? Does your team know what they should be focused on right now?

Take charge of your sales pipeline with Opphound to immediately reduce your bid costs and increase your conversion rate.

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What is Opphound?

Opphound is a fast, intuitive sales pipeline management tool. It is used to visualize, track and manage sales opportunities. Opphound requires minimal data inputs to provide instant visual representations of your sales landscape allowing for meaningful decision making and control.

With integrated sales forecasting, planning and sales team collaboration functionality, Opphound helps you identify and focus on the best sales opportunities to score more wins and grow your business.


Visualize all your opportunites, current projects and customers


Click and drag to maximize the utilization of your resources


Share data with your team, no matter where they are


Keep your data safe

Manage your team utilization

Unlike other tools, Opphound also allows you to allocate staff to specific sales opportunities in a visually powerful way. This helps you plan, forecast staff utilization and match capacity and skills to the right projects.

Is Opphound right for you?

Are you in a professional service business, juggling multiple sales opportunities with different values, requirements and timings? Do you employ staff and need to make sure you have the right sales opportunities in the pipeline to keep them busy (but not too busy)?

Opphound is the perfect companion for consultants, architects, web developers, marketing service providers and all professionals seeking greater clarity and control over their sales strategy.

"Opphound has been a fantastic asset to our business, since we switched our opportunity planning and resource management to Opphound, we have managed to close more opportunities, focus on those opportunities which will become contracts and ensured that our team is fully utilised."

Brydon Johnson

"Intuitive interface. No training required. Objective qualification of opportunities. Reporting capability which summarises things like resource commitment."

Richard De Nardi

"I really love the fact that it's touch interface works on all my Apple devices and moving projects between staff is ridiculously easy. I would recommend this to any business that needs to track projects and manage a team of people."

Enza Angelucci

"Opphound is a well-crafted, intuitive tool and the easiest app that I have used."

John O'Brien

Fast data entry

Quickly capture data on any device, anywhere

Visualize your opportunites

Instantly see where to focus your sales effort

Customer history & insight

Identify and prioritize your best customers

Easy resource planning

Assign resources to your opportunities

Maximize resource utilization

View your resources and simply drag and drop to re-allocate work

Plans & Pricing

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Powerful sales opportunity visualization and prioritization
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Add the ability to share data with up to 100 users at one fixed price
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Add the ability to track resources across opportunities